Consultancy and training

Provision of EuroFIR food composition data

Tailor-made data packages can be composed according to users’ needs:

  • Containing food composition data from one or several EuroFIR partner countries
  • Containing the set of EuroFIR prioritized components
  • Containing a user-defined selection of components, e.g. energy, protein, fat and carbohydrates

A user-defined selection of foods, such as the most commonly used traditional recipes from a specified country of interest, can be delivered as well.

Technical and scientific consultancy

EuroFIR AISBL can provide professional scientific feedback from skilled and experienced technical experts on the use of food composition data in the implementation of projects, e.g. web portals and software applications that include this data. EuroFIR can provide feedback, e.g. on the measurement of physical activity, health, nutrition and quality aspects of the content related to the use of food composition data.

Continuing professional development: bespoke training, courses and workshop



Tailored training solutions whether for individuals or small- (2-5 people) or medium-sized (5-15) groups are developed in partnership with clients according to needs and interests as well as desired outcomes.


Training can be booked for the following topics:

  • Food composition data including EuroFIR’s eLearning modules
  • Food analysis
  • Recipe calculation and use of nutrient retention factors
  • Food description and food nomenclature with the food indexing software (LanguaL and FoodEx)
  • Quality assessment uses and quality evaluation of food composition data
  • FoodCase – food composition data management for nutrients and/or contaminants
  • Science communication
  • Total diet studies
  • Critical evaluation of composition and biological effects of bioactive constituents in plant-based foods (eBASIS) and supplements (ePlantLIBRA)

Available from Hylobates (IT) on Botanical risk assessment:

The aim of the course is to  support the training and professionalism of researchers,  personnel of SMEs  and industry working on the development, marketing or quality of botanical ingredients and/or plant food supplements and  for personnel of national authorities such as inspectors and officials to improve their knowledge of quality control and technologies for raw plant materials and food supplements based on plants. For more information click here.


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