Why join EuroFIR AISBL

EuroFIR AISBL is the only independent food composition resource in Europe bringing together food composition datasets from 26 European Compiler Institutions, USA, Canada, Japan and New Zealand – at a single point of entry – as well as working with INFOODS outside Europe. We are recognised as an independent resource promoting trust throughout a proven network of contacts facilitating access and cooperation amongst national food composition database compiler organisations and other key users including the food industry, research, education and policy-makers, as seen below:


The Association provides its members with:

  • Access to harmonised and documented food information (energy and nutrient values)
  • Use of standardised food composition data in software tools
  • Access to innovative software tools and databases (e.g. critically evaluated data on the content and biological effects of bioactive constituents in plant based foods)
  • eLearning modules and specialised training courses
  • Valuable references and standardised vocabularies for the handling of food information
  • Best practice and innovation support
  • Professional development
  • Networking/representation and the possibility to take part in pre-competitive research and development projects in the food and health field

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Benefits for Software developers

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* Subject to specific national license agreements and to the inclusion of appropriate acknowledgements and/or references, and normal copyright rules and regulations.


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