Scientific articles and reports published under EuroFIR

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EuroFIR Publications 

  • EuroFIR on Recipe Calculation for Food Business Operators
    A step-by-step Guideline for calculating nutrient content for nutrition declaration as indicated in the Regulation (EU) N° 1169/11 on the provision of food information to consumers…read more here
  • External Scientific Report on Updated food composition database for nutrient intake: Final Report Published…read more here
  • EuroFIR Publications (2002-2011)read more here
  • How do recipes and composite foods come to their nutritional values? read more here (protected view, after log in)

Publications under EuroFIR Network of Excellence

These publications were the results of the five-year Network of Excellence funded by the European Commission’s Research Directorate General under the “Food Quality and Safety Priority” of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

          1. Becker, W., Unwin, I., Ireland, J. and Møller, A. (2007) Proposal for structure and detail of a EuroFIR standard on food composition data. Description of Standard. EuroFIR Technical Report
          2. Becker, W., Møller, A., Ireland, J., Roe, M., Unwin, I., & Pakkala, H. (2008) Proposal for structure and detail of a EuroFIR standard on food composition data, II. Technical Annex. European Food Information Resource Consortium (EuroFIR NoE)
          3. Oseredczuk, M., Salvini, S., Roe, M., & Moller, A. (2009) Guidelines for Quality Index attribution to original data from Scientific literature or reports for EuroFIR data interchange, EuroFIR Network of Excellence, D1.3.21, revised version
          4. Salvini, S., Oseredczuk, M., Roe, M., Møller, A., & Ireland, J. (2009) Report comparing USDA data quality assessment system(s) to existing European systems, EuroFIR Network of Excellence
          5. Vásquez-Caicedo, A. L., Bell, S., & Hartmann, B. M. (2008). Report on collection of rules on use of recipe calculation procedures including the use of yield and retention factors for imputing nutrient values for composite foods, EuroFIR Network of Excellence
          6. Møller, A.,  Unwin, I.D., Ireland, J., Roe, M.A., Becker, W., Colombani, P. (2008) The EuroFIR Thesauri,  EuroFIR Technical Report

EuroFIR Nexus

These publications were the results of the Nexus project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme.

          1. Oseredczuk, M., & Westenbrink, S. (2013) Report on integrated data quality evaluation system, EuroFIR NEXUS
          2. Roe M., Finglas P. M., Lindroos A-K., Castanheira I., Giertlová A., Westenbrink S., Beernaert H. (2013) Final list of certified FCDB compiler organizations and future plans for continuation of the certification scheme.  EuroFIR Technical Report 1.7
          3. Møller, A., & Christensen, T. (2012) EuroFIR web services – food data transport package, version 1.4 EuroFIR Technical Report 2.1
          4. Pakkala, H., Martínez de Victoria, I., Christensen, T., Unwin, I., Korhonen, T., Gunnarsson, I., . Presser, K. (2012) EuroFIR web services – specification of request-response message exchange patterns, version 1.2 EuroFIR Technical Report 2.8
          5. Gurinovic M, Glibetic M,  Kadvan A, Milesevic J, Ranic M,  Oshaug A, Finglas P (2013) Final report on Balkan Food Platform and recommendations for future integration of WBC/EECA countries. Brussels: EuroFIR AISBL EuroFIR Technical Report 4.6
          6. Slimani N., Crispim S.P., Nicolas G., Casagrande C., Pakkala H., Korousic-Seljak B., and Finglas P.M. (2013) Report on conceptual specifications for the interface between the e- Standardized Methodologies Platform (e-SMP) and the EuroFIR eSearch Platform. EuroFIR NEXUS, D2.5 (Members ONLY)
          7. Pakkala H., Koroušic Seljak B., Kadvan A., Bell S. Finglas P.M. (2013) Report on the development of FoodEXplorer (eSearch2) and future maintenance and operational requirements. EuroFIR NEXUS, D2.7 (Members ONLY)

EuroFIR Synthesis Reports (protected view – Members Only)

          1. Church S. (2006) The history of European food composition databases
          2. Williamson C. (2006)  The different uses of food composition databases
          3. Church S., Gilbert P., Khokhar S. (2006) Ethnic groups and foods in Europe
          4. Denny A., Buttriss J. (2007) Plant Foods and Health: Focus on plant bioactives
          5. Aisbitt B. (2007) Nutrition and Health Claims: the facts in your foods
          6. Weichselbaum E., Benelam B., Soares Costa H. (2009) Traditional foods in Europe
          7. Church S., (2009) Food composition explained

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International Food Data Conference (IFDC) Publications

The IFDC is held every second year in a new location. As well as posters and presentations the publications from the conference are often published in a Special Issue in the Food Chemistry Journal with some publications about EuroFIR. Below are links to the IFDC resources, including the publications in Food Chemistry.

        1. 14-09-2011 9th IFDC (Norwich, UK): ‘Food Composition and Sustainable Diets’
          There were keynote address from Prof. Judy Buttriss and Dr Paul Burrows and 12 different sessions ranging from different food nutrition, food composition databases and allergens. There was also a poster symposium and the publications from the Conference were compiled and published in a Special Issue of the Food Chemistry Journal …read more here
        2. 12-09-2013 10th IFDC (Granada, ES): ‘Joining Nutrition, Agriculture and Food Safety Through Food Composition’
          The programme involved presentations from representatives and experts from all regions of the world on advances in databases, food composition, linking agriculture, nutrition education and food composition, new needs for food composition for nutrient assessment, mandatory labelling and recipe calculations …read more here
        3. 03-11-2015 11th IFDC (Hyderabad, IN): ‘Food Composition and Public Health Nutrition’
          The conference involved key note lectures and presentations on food composition and public health nutrition. The 11th IFDC will provide the platform for top scientists and researchers from all over the world to present and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs on food composition and nutrition …read more here