Report on integrated data quality evaluation system

  This report reviews existing approaches to data quality assessment, refines these approaches where needed, and promotes use of the EuroFIR data quality evaluation system. To carry out this, QE scirep, a system used to assess the quality of the data from scientific literature, has been combined with EuroFIR guidelines for Assessment of Methods for Analysis (GAMA). The data management programme, FoodCASE, also includes functionality for a quality assessment of individual values, based according to QE scirep, and was used in this exercise with the collaboration of the compilers and their analysis. The method used and the results obtained are explained, following feedback from compilers to improve the quality work in relation to QE scirep, GAMA and FoodCASE. Keywords QE scirep: acronym for Quality Evaluation (of analytical data) from SCIentific literature and laboratory REPorts, which is composed of a set of questions, a scoring method and accompanying guidelines developed to assess the quality of individual component values FoodCASE: software/ data management system that is intended for food composition data and makes data available through a web interface GAMA: Guidelines for Assessment of Methods for Analysis, which is based on international standards and aims to harmonise the assessment of analytical data globally Score: total number of points assigned to category (range 1-5)     To read the full text of publication click here.