Welcome to EuroFIR Food Forum Microsite! 

The annual EuroFIR Food Forum is the flagship event for those interested in food composition information and its application in research. The Food Forum is an event combining association, project meetings and a Symposium opened to all. It is a great opportunity to meet and network with EuroFIR members and others international researchers, dietitians, nutritionists, SMEs, health and food public authorities, and exchange ideas on food and research in Europe and worldwide.

The EuroFIR Food Forum 2017 focused on Food and Health Research Infrastructure during which participants had the opportunity to attend:

    • Day 1: The EuroFIR Food Symposium 2017 on Wednesday 5th April 2017 (morning session) presented the current status and Future Landscape in Europe.
    • Day 1 (afternoon): EuroFIR 8th General Assembly (for EuroFIR members only) on Wednesday 5th April 2017 (afternoon session) followed by a workshop on EuroFIR Thesaurus.
    • Day 2: Food Comp & Technical Working Group Meeting including a training on Food Explorer on Thursday 6th April 2017 (by invitation only).

We thank everyone who joined this year at EuroFIR Food Forum! 

Paul Finglas Managing Director

Paul Finglas

President & Managing Director – EuroFIR AISBL