Final report on Balkan Food Platform and recommendations for future integration of WBC/EECA countries

  This document describes aims to improve and extend the Balkan Food Platform and how the first online regional FCDB for West Balkan Countries was developed. To achieve this, capacity development activities in food composition database, such as workshops or training, were carried out in Balkan countries. The intention was to improve connection between the availability and use of food composition data and related tools within science community and involve stakeholders as well as integrating harmonised Balkan regional FCDB in the EuroFIR Food Composition Exchange Platform.   Key words FCDBs: acronym for food composition databases, which providing detailed information about the nutritional composition of foods, usually from a particular country FCDM: acronym for food composition database management, which consist of all procedures relating to the handling of information for food composition databases Capacity development activities: activities addressing gaps and needs that are barriers to develop FCDB MoU: acronym of Memorandum of Understanding, which enables international harmonisation of standards for food composition data, information and technical support (in this context)   To read the full text of the publication click here.