Final list of certified FCDB compiler organizations and future plans for continuation of the certification scheme

  This report describes progress on reviewing implementation of the EuroFIR quality management framework by FCDB Compiler organization. Reviews of FCDB compiler organisation are described as well as conclusions based on the reports. The aim of these reviews was to identify strengths and weaknesses of each FCDB compiler organisation, and to make recommendations on ways to improve quality system. Each FCDB compiler organisations has benefitted from the opportunity to review data compilation processes and identify areas that could be improved. The reviews have demonstrated the impact of EuroFIR guidelines for compilation processes, how FCDB compilers have implemented quality management frameworks and, also, the way EuroFIR can go on providing a peer review/ support.   Keywords FCDB compiler organisation: organisation responsible for food composition data compilation Food composition database: database of food composition data that can contain published and unpublished values Food composition database management system: software system used to manage compilation and publication of data     To read the full text of the publication click here.