EuroFIR Web Services. EuroFIR Food Data Transport Package


This document describes how the EuroFIR Food Data Transport Package was built, taking into account recommendations from other projects (e.g. FAO INFOODS).

The objective of the EuroFIR Food Data Transport Package is to ensure recipients can access simply comprehensive, up-to-date food information from food composition databases.

Detailed information on data entities and standard thesauri, both used in EuroFIR Food Data Transport Package, can be found in this document as well as a short description of the XML template programming language used for building this web service.


Key words

XML language: programming language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human- and machine-readable

EuroFIR thesauri: lists of food composition terms grouped together according to similarity of meaning

Data interchange: process of exchanging data between computer systems

Interchange package: set of interchange data that contains information defining its source and content

Root element: programming language concept, and the ancestor of the elements on the page, like the root of the tree, which encompasses all the other elements

Header element: programming language concept; it is the first child of the root element


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