EuroFIR AISBL people

Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board are elected by the General Assembly for threeyears with the possibility to extend this for a further three-years. Their role is to oversee strategic development of EuroFIR AISBL, and provide technical and scientific support as necessary. Currently, the Executive Board is comprised of:

President & Managing Director: Paul Finglas

Paul is Head of the Food Database National Capability at the Institute of Food Research (Norwich, UK) and EuroFIR Managing Director. Currently, he is also EuroFIR AISBL President.

Paul is an experienced food and nutritional scientist with over 250 publications in food composition and nutrition research specialising in vitamin nutrition and health. He has considerable experience in co-ordinating national and international projects. He co-authored McCance & Widdowson’s ‘The Composition of Foods’ (6th Summary Edition; 2002) and is currently developing an online UK food dataset with the Food Standards Agency (FSA), industry and other key stakeholders.

Paul has participated in six EU funded projects since 1989, coordinating three projects in FP4 and FP5. He was a member of COST 99, co-chairing the working group on Data Quality and is currently the UK representative on CEN/275/WG9 committee on vitamins. He has provided expert advice to a number of bodies including the FSA, British Council, FAO and EU. He is also Editor of the journals Food Chemistry and Trends in Food Science and Technology.


Members of Executive Board

Maria Glibetic (IMR, RS)  Maria Glibetic

Maria is research director of Centre of Research Excellence in nutrition research, Institute for medical research in Belgrade, Serbia and the member of executive board of EuroFIR AISBL. She is an experienced basic and nutritional scientist with over 150 peer review publications and presentations. Maria has considerable experience in leading national and international projects and since 2006 she participated in seven EU funded projects. Maria and her team were responsible for the creation of first on line national food database, for designing food data management system and for development of different nutritional tools for intake analysis. She leads post-graduate department for integrated nutritional sciences at University of Belgrade where she teaches two post-graduate courses.



Barbara Koroušić Seljak (JSI, SI)

Barbara has been active in the field of food science and nutrition for eight years. She is author of the Slovenian web application for dietary assessment and menu planning, and is responsible for compilation and management of national food composition data. Since 2005, she has been involved in several research projects on children’s, workers’ and clinical nutrition. Barbara earned her Doctorate  at the University of Ljubljana in Computer Science and Informatics, and works for the Computer Systems Department, Jožef Stefan Institute, in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Currently, she is the Assistant Professor in Embedded Systems at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Slovenian Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.



Turrini's photoAida Turrini (CREA, IT)

Aida Turrini has a MSc in Statistical Sciences and Demography and she has been a senior researcher at the Agricultural Research and experiments Council (previously INRAN) since 1986. She has extensive research experience in nation-wide food consumption surveys and food database management, and is experienced in analysis dietary patterns and designing information systems for studies in the nutrition field. She is also Director of the Scientific Programme “INRAN Database System: food consumption and composition data; INRAN’s representative within the National Statistical System since 1996. Aida is involved in several European projects concerning/ using food consumption and food composition data in the view of building nutritional database systems. She also teaches these topics in post-graduate courses.


Susanne Westenbrink (RIVM, NL)

Susanne Westenbrink

Susanne Westenbrink is a senior research dietitian at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands, and is responsible for the coordination the Dutch food composition database ( She has nearly 20 years of experience in food composition database work, and was involved intensively with both the EuroFIR Network of Excellence and EuroFIR NEXUS. Susanne  also contribute(d) to several other projects such as the Dutch National Food Consumption Surveys,  projects  monitoring food reformulation in the Netherlands,  EFSA’s call on food composition data in 2012 and the European Nutrient Data Base project (ENDB) for the EPIC study. Before working at RIVM, Susanne worked at Wageningen University (NL) and the TNO Institute on Food and Nutrition (Zeist) on research projects in the field of food consumption and food composition. Susanne regards working on food composition databases through national and international networks as an important tool to further establish standardisation and harmonisation to improve quality and comparability of food composition databases in Europe and beyond.

Luísa Oliveira (INSA, PT)Luisa Oliveria

Luísa Oliveira is a senior scientist at the Portuguese National Institute of Health (INSA) where she coordinates the Monitoring and Surveillance Unit of the Food and Nutrition Department and also the Portuguese Food Information Resource Programme PortFIR since 2008. Her current main scientific areas of work are Food Composition and Contamination Data compilation and management, Data Quality, Total Quality Management, EFQM Excellence Model and Total Diet Studies. She coordinated the 2006 edition of Tabela da Composição de Alimentos, INSA, was responsible for the creation of the Portuguese network on food composition within PortFIR and is the Portuguese EuroFIR compiler since 2005. Luísa is a member of EFSA’s Expert Group on Chemical Occurrence and participated in EFSA’s Working Group on Total Diet Studies and Technical Working Group on Data Collection.

She participates/participated in several national and international projects namely NP/EFSA/DCM/2012/02/02 – Pilot project on the implementation of FoodEx2 as part of the Standard Sample Description for the electronic transmission of harmonised chemical occurrence data to EFSA (coordinator), CFP/EFSA/DCM/2011/03 – Updated food composition database for nutrient intake (coordinator at INSA), CFP/EFSA/DATEX2011/01 – Implementation of Electronic Transmission of Chemical Occurrence Data in Portugal” (Coordinator), TDSEXPOSURE – Total Diet Study Exposure, FP7 (coordinator at INSA), EuroFIR Nexus – The EuroFIR Food Platform: Further integration, refinement and exploitation for its long-term self-sustainability, EU FP7  (team member), QREN/SAMA 7988 – PortFIR – SGRIA – PortFIR Food Information Networks Management System (coordinator), PortFIR (Portuguese Food Information Resource) (coordinator),  EuroFIR –  European Food Information Resource Network, EUFP6 (team member).

Luca Bucchini (Hylobates, IT)


Luca Bucchini is a food risk scientist, and a consultant. Based in Rome, Italy, he is co-founder and managing director of Hylobates, a food safety, cosmetics and food regulatory affairs consultancy.For the past fifteen years he has worked with academia, food industry, and authorities, at the EU, national and regional level, on food and food supplement related issues. He is leading research teams in food allergen risk assessment and water contaminants.

As a consultant, he works with European businesses, trade organisations and public bodies to assess risks of foods and novel ingredients, to prevent food contamination and foodborne disease, and to prepare for recalls and food crises. In the context of PlantLIBRA, Luca has acted both as project manager and researcher. After putting together the original proposal, he has worked hard with the coordinator to help the project achieve its ambitious scientific and policy goals. Science-wise he has worked on intake, risk and benefit assessment methods and case-studies, that would fit the specific nature of botanicals.


Karl Presser (ETH, CH)

KarlKarl Presser is the founder of Premotec GmbH and works also as a senior scientist in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich in the Global Information Systems Group, led by Prof. M. Norrie. He trained as a computer scientist and earned his doctoral degree at ETHZ investigating data quality on food composition data focusing on basic principles of data quality and how a computer system can support users to manage data quality. Karl was the primary creator of FoodCASE where some of his research work is incorporated.

After his computer science study, also at ETH Zurich, he worked 4 years in an SME as database designer, database developer, software architect and software developer. He designed a relational database to store and calculate timetables for universities and secondary schools using artificial intelligence, in particular evolutionary algorithms. He also introduced the product to different customers as project leader and product manager.

Karl participated in the FP6 EuroFIR Network of Excellence and FP7 EuroFIR NEXUS. He was also a work package leader for FP7 project TDS-Exposure.

Gregorio Valera – Moreiras (CEU San Pablo, ES)

Prof. Gregorio Varela-Moreiras obtained his PhD in Nutrition, from Complutense University in Madrid (Spain), 1989. He was Research Associate at the Vitamins Bioavailability Laboratory from 1989 to 1991 at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at TUFTS University, Boston, MA (USA). From 1994 to 1996 he was working at the Institute of Biomedical Research (National Government Research Council, Spain) as Research Associate in Nutritional Biochemistry. In 1995, Prof. G. Varela-Moreiras obtained a position as Associate Professor in Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Burgos (School of Food Sciences). From 1996 and continue he has been appointed as Full Professor in Nutrition & Food Science at the San Pablo CEU University (Madrid, Spain) where he leads the Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences. At present, he is also President of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) and past-President of the Spanish Nutrition Society (SEÑ) conducting a high number of studies related to Spanish food composition and dietary surveys. He is also member of the Scientific Committee of ILSI Europe, member of the Board of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy (Spain) and founding member of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition & Food Sciences. At present he belongs to the Board of Directors at the  Spanish Nutrition Society (SEÑ) and the Spanish Society for Community Nutrition (SENC).  Gregorio Varela-Moreiras leads the research group on “Nutrition and Food Sciences” at CEU San Pablo University (Madrid), with a total of twelve senior researchers and five PhD students