Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition – Building a Sustainable Food future: The BCFN Youth Manifesto

2nd December 2015, Brussels (BE)

bcfn-logoThe Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition organised a roundtable to discuss findings from their Youth Manifesto with relevant stakeholders one of which is EuroFIR AISBL. The roundtable included discussions about different stakeholders, such as policymakers, activists, farmers and the media. Paolo de Castro (MEP, IT), Julie Girling (MEP, UK), and Marc Tarabella (MEP, BE) as well as BCFN Youth alumni, and other stakeholders contributed to the discussions.

It was useful for bringing together different stakeholders in the food, nutrition and farming sectors to exchange views on how to achieve the proposals outlined in the BCFN Youth Manifesto. The Youth Manifesto includes a list of commitments the BCFN aims to achieve by addressing issues outlined in the BCFN Milan Protocol, which focuses on three paradoxes: food waste, sustainable agriculture and the coexistence of obesity and hunger. The Milan Protocol was designed to demonstrate the willingness of countries to resolve these paradoxes through voluntary commitments.

EuroFIR is engaged in projects addressing food waste (REFRESH), sustainable agriculture (RFID Farm-to-Fork) and health (BACCHUS, PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY). Thus, we were interested to discover more about the Milan Protocol and values shared with BCFN.

The BCFN Foundation is an international idea centre that aims to analyse related to food and nutrition around the world. Its mission is to play an increasingly important role as an information resource and bridge between science and research as well as political decisions and governmental action.

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