Join the launch of Quisper – a revolutionary digital health platform

Join the launch of Quisper - a revolutionary digital health platform


Tuesday 8th December


The Leuven Institute (BE)

Why you should attend:

Quisper is a digital information platform providing scientifically validated nutrition and health data and knowledge that enriches creation of marketable personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice services. The purpose is to provide the best use our current understanding of food, genes, and physical traits to design healthier diets tailored for individuals.

At the launch, you can: find out how you can profit from connecting to Quisper – as a data user or provider, learn from the scientists and developers behind Quisper and provide your feedback for future improvements of the platform.


  • Introduction of personalised nutrition - by Jo Goossens (shiftN)
  • Introduction of Quisper - by Hille Meetsma (IPH - VitalinQ)
  • The scientific basis of Quisper - by Paul Finglas (President and Managing Director of EuroFIR)
  • Demonstration of Quisper - by Robert Horlings (The Hyve) and André Boorsma (TNO)
  • The need for harmonisation - by Barbara Korousic (JSI)
  • Questions & collective brainstorm on the potential of Quisper


Attendances if free of charge, travel (accommodation) costs have to be covered by participants.

To register, please email: [email protected]

Registration closes on 27th November

For more information about Quisper and QuaLiFY please click here

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