Nubel 25th Anniversary Symposium

27th October 2015, Brussels, Belgium.

Recently, our Belgian compiler Nubel organised a symposium to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Nubel_25th Anniversary

The Belgian Federal Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health, Maggie De Block, opened the symposium, and speakers included Marc De Win (Chairman, Nubel Board of Management) and John van Camp (Chairman, Nubel Scientific Board) who offered an overview Nubel over past years as well as future activities and the challenges ahead. During the morning session, four case studies from the Nubel tools user groups were discussed. In the afternoon, there was a panel debate with speakers representing different interest groups, giving an overview of the societal role of Nubel today and in the future.

International speakers included Prof. Hannelore Daniel (Technical University Munich, DE) and Dr Galea Gauden (WHO, DK – remote presentation) who presented a number of food, nutrition
and health projects and the challenges in addressing these issues from an international perspective. Amongst the speakers was also Paul Finglas who spoke about the contribution and role of Nubel in a European context, and the purpose and scope of a European Food Composition Research Infrastructure.

Overall, the symposium was a great opportunity to engage with one of our founding compiler Members on the continued importance of food composition tables.

Nubel collects the nutritional and scientific information about foods eaten by the Belgian population, and manage the Belgian food composition database. They have also created an online diet planner. Nubel has public partners, such as the Federal Public Service Health and Food Chain Safety and Environment, and private sector partners (e.g. FEVIA, trade association for the Belgian food industry, and the Farmers’ Union). Nubel contributes to the EuroFIR Food Data Platform with Belgium values, development of the EuroFIR Quality Framework and European Food Data Standards, and helped develop and test data quality systems and the compiler “certification” schemes.

You can find the PowerPoint presentations here.

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