Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development rejects GM ban

On Thursday, 3rd September 2015, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) rejected the draft law to restrict or prohibit use of EU-approved GM food/ feed in Member State territories.

While supporters of this draft law have commended it for allowing Members States to choose whether to use GM, AGRI expressed concerns that arbitrary national bans could distort competition in EU single markets.

The draft law was similar to an earlier bill passed this year on the cultivation of GM crops. However, whilst GM crop cultivation, generally, benefited the scientific community and GM industry, this draft law could potentially have harmed the agriculture industry, which is – in some cases – highly dependent on GM feed imports.

The future of this draft law now lies with the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. The European Parliament will discuss their decision in the 26th-29th October plenary session.

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